Divine Pandemonium

My divine will be expressed along with my Pandemonium! Sometimes they will go hand in hand in this beautiful realm that we call LIFE…

  • Living in the Now/ You’ve got this!

    February 18, 2020 by

    I have found myself living in the past, living in the future, but hardly living in the now. I would sit and think about past mistakes and what-ifs. Then, if I wasn’t in the past, I was living in the future thinking about what I would love for it to be like. In doing this,… Read more

  • Rando Thoughts

    December 13, 2019 by

    Hello, All. I know it’s been a while. I guess you can attribute it to a case of writer’s block. It has been a lot going on lately in the world. Some good some bad. I have been having my own high and low moments, but the majority has been mostly good. I am grateful… Read more

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He who has no opinion of his own, but depends upon the opinion and taste of others, is a slave.
Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock

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