Rando Thoughts

Hello, All. I know it’s been a while. I guess you can attribute it to a case of writer’s block. It has been a lot going on lately in the world. Some good some bad. I have been having my own high and low moments, but the majority has been mostly good. I am grateful for it all. You can’t really truly appreciate the good without the bad. So, I try my best to look forward to the positive while going through the negative.

I have new opportunities coming up, and I am pretty excited for that. I graduate with my MBA in 2020. It has been a struggle and I have no idea why I chose a major with so much Math. It has been one of my weakest subjects since high school. I just completed Corporate Finance and I was ready to walk away from the entire program, during that class. I try to be an inspiration to people, but sometimes I need the inspiration.

What do you guys think about the Trump’s impeachment ordeal? I am not very political, so I haven’t been following it much. I have gotten to the point that I want things to get better for people overall, I don’t care who’s in office. Just get someone in there that has our best interest at heart. I want to see less division and more unity. It seems like people only unify during tragedies, when we can unify during good and bad times. I don’t know, sometimes I think it’s just wishful thinking on my part. Regardless, I will never give up hope for a better existence now and in the future.

I have enjoyed reading some of the work from other bloggers. I have been able to find some great content that I could really relate to. So, I say to my fellow bloggers to keep up the great work, and continue to be your beautiful creative selves.

Thanks for reading! As always, I appreciate your support.


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