Releasing Negativity

Controlling your thoughts can be a challenging ordeal at times. Sometimes, it can be like a war trying to let the positive prevail in your head. When I notice a pattern of negativity in my mind, I look at everything in my presence- at that moment, that I am grateful for. I get very detailed with it. I become thankful for the chair I am sitting in, my car waiting for me outside, the air I am breathing, my arms, legs, etc..

I block out everything else, and sometimes I have to clear my mind altogether and take deep relaxing breaths. Meditation works wonders, and so does nightly subliminal affirmations, and meditation tones. It even helps for me to smile for no reason at all. I might even call a friend or family member just to say hi. I will also try to uplift someone that may be having a hard day like myself. This may sound crazy, but listening to others that are having worse days than mine makes me feel thankful for my smaller issues. It also makes me feel good knowing that, I am being to someone- what I want for myself.

So, I might become a listening ear, or give a friend some money knowing she/he needs a little financial help- without them asking. Just being an overall good person helps to release negative energy.

I have many genres of books that aid in clearing negativity. After a good bath or shower, I create a cozy mood, and choose the book that best fits the vibe I want to create. Books can be a great distraction from negativity. Another method that helps me release negativity is positive information.

This is where my motivational speakers come in like Neale Donald Walsch, Ralph Smart, Eric Ho, Lisa Nichols, and many others. I listen to them on YouTube, or read their content to get the tools I need to pull myself out of the rut that is causing the negative vibe. Sometimes, you just need to pull away from certain people!

I can honestly say it is not easy staying positive when there is so much negativity. This is why I limit my news watching to the weather, I cut out media that takes me to a negative place. My social media accounts are designed to give me good news when I log in. Or, to where I see something funny that will make me laugh. My friend’s list and followers are people that are positive.

I will unfriend or block someone that is consistently negative. I do not want to see the same problems from the same person over and over. I do not want to see anything constantly negative period. I have to protect my energy at all cost. Now, don’t get me wrong, if I can lend a helping hand and help someone lift their vibrations and positivity- I do. However, you cannot help everybody. If someone is not ready to leave their negative state of mind, they won’t. They will stay there until they are ready for a change, which is not your problem or your business.

I have learned that you have to live for you. They have to live for them. If u can help them then help, but if not don’t stress out behind it. Continue to live your life and try to create as many happy and fun memories as possible. People will drag you down, if you let them! So, protect your energy, secure your peace of mind, give plenty of love, get plenty of love, and live your best life.

Thanks for Reading and Supporting my Blog!

Much Regards,


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